Greta Van Fleet, le 2019-01-24 à Tokyo (Zepp DiverCity), Japan
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Greta Van Fleet
Zepp DiverCity
Tokyo, Japan
January 24, 2019

Source: Matrix of multiple audience recordings
Conversion: CD-R > Exact Audio Copy (WAV) > Trader's Little Helper (FLAC)
Disc Title: Zepp DiverCity Tokyo 2019 (Shades 1015)

Josh Kiszka- lead vocals, tambourine
Jake Kiszka- lead guitar, backing vocals
Sam Kiszka- bass guitar, keyboards
Danny Wagner- drums, backing vocals

Track listing:
01. My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me) (1:03)
02. Intro (0:31)
03. Highway Tune (5:20)
04. Edge of Darkness (11:59)
05. Flower Power (9:51)
06. The Music is You (1:35)
07. You're the One (5:40)
08. Evil (3:31)
09. Black Flag Exposition (9:35)
10. Watching Over (4:35)
11. When the Curtain Falls (6:50)

12. The Cold Wind (4:15)
13. Black Smoke Rising (6:19)
14. Safari Song (8:45)

The audio quality is exceptional for an audience matrix, there is also very little crowd noise aside from banter between songs. The band plays well throughout most of the concert, although Jake's playing on Black Flag and Watching Over is noticeably rough. Josh was struggling with laryngitis at the time of the show and you can really hear his voice progressively worsen throughout the concert. The band was actually forced to cancel the last two shows of the tour just a few dates later. Vocal issues aside, the recording is an enjoyable listen and features one of the last Black Flags before the debut of its new arrangement in late March.